Why Choose Us ?

Reasons to be part of Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutes:
Here are the reasons why SSJGS should be the first choice for your child 1. A Holistic Approach to Education: Our motto is all- round development and excellence in education. The institute follow the development of students’ in all the fields i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional as well as spiritual to create a competent individual and an ideal citizen who can bring laurels to the family and to the country as well.

2. Character Building: Though, the child gets a holistic development yet the character building is the prime concern. We believe in strong character that is the foundation of a bright career. The moral values inculcated here in the children from the very tender age, offer them a strong and pure character due to which they prosper like a lotus, however, the muddy surroundings.

3. Nurturing Change Makers: We follow the path, shown by our spiritual Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, of truth, honesty, unselfishness. Here, the children are nurtured with the values of integrity, love and fraternity. They are taught to help one another and believe in the supreme religion of humanity. Such a future generation of the nation may prove bliss to the planet. Tree plantations, cleanliness campaign, save water, save earth are wonderful steps for the ecological balance that have been imparted in the students of Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ school.

4. Safety & Security for Girl Child: In the moral depraved modern world the parents of girl child remain anxious about the secure and safe environment for their daughters. The premises of Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School offer a secure shelter to its students with optimal learning environment laced with modern technology.

5. Best Results: Under the perfect stewardship of extra-ordinary principal and diligent highly qualified staff-members, the students of the institute prove their excellence by achieving top ranks in Board classes at District Level. It is very astonishing fact that 80% of the total appeared students in board exams hold their position among meritorious over the years and the school always remain pioneer by achieving 100% result in Matriculation and Senior Secondary Examinations. The graph of the merits is rising year after year. It’s our vision the institute would be globally acknowledged as a distinguished center of academic excellence.

6. Unparalleled Sports System: Alongwith best academics, in sports also, we have proved our excellence as the institute has 75 International players with thousands of Nationals. The school produced five Bhim Awardees in Roller skating and Handball. Many of our sports persons have been serving the society by providing their services in Seema Surksha Bal, in Sai (Sports Authority of India) and in educational institutes. In the long span of 28 years, the institute has earned 45 awards in the field of quality education, culture, sports etc. by different organizations Since 2012, the institute has always retained in top three positions in Haryana and top ten Pan - India.

7. Recognition from the World: Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School, Sirsa has received a global recognition not only in field of education but in sports and cultural arena also. The school has been credited with the top ranks at state and national level. The school has achieved Rank 3 amongst the Residential Schools of Haryana in the year 2012 which improved year after year and beat every other school of the region and touched the zenith by achieving first rank in state and third in the nation in 2019. The institute had received many more awards in cultural and sports field through various organizations at different platforms and had achieved pioneer position in academic and non-academic arena. A good number of awards about 30 conferred upon the prestigious institute is the authentication mark of excellence. So, don’t be late and choose the right school for your loving ones as it is the very right moment.


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