Centre: Dr. Sheela Puniya (Principal) M.A. (Eng.), B. Ed., M. Phil., Ph.D.
Left to Right: Ms. Nancy Chawla (M.Sc Maths, B. Ed); Ms. Kavita Sardana (M.A, M.Phil. (Eng), B.Ed, STET & HTET (PGT); Ms. Shallu Mehta (M.B.E, MBA, M.Phil. (Eco), B.Ed, HTET); Ms. Manju Bala (M.A (Phy, Pol. Sci.), M. Phil., B.Ed.); Ms. Sapna Gupta (M.Com, MBA (Finance), M.;Phil., B.Ed); Ms. Sushma Chawla (M.Sc, M.Phil (Botany), B.Ed. HTET (PGT); Ms. Nidhi Rani (M.Sc. (Geo), B.Lib, B.Ed.; Ms. Priyanka (M.Sc, (Chemistry) B.Ed.; Ms. Raju Bala (M.Sc, M.Phil (Physics), B.Ed; Ms. Meenakshi (M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed).


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