Smart Boards

Smart Boards have been installed in all the classrooms of senior school replacing the traditional whiteboards for providing amazing advantages of modern technology. Smart Boards not only enhance student’s learning but makes the teacher convenient and effective in delivering their lectures. With the use of the technology and visual elements learning becomes easier and long-lasting.
Now, the students are able to view diagrams, charts, videos on different academic topics on the huge screen in the presence of teacher and comprehend the content at the depth. It has marked the teaching and learning stimulating and attention-grabbing. Being interactive the boards have the ability for students to use their finger and write directly on them. There is the facility to use different colours in drawing diagrams and pictures. Along with these facilities the teacher can save her lecture, access online resources to reinforce the lesson.

Shah Satanam

Touch Heights

For the holistic development of the students a blog ‘Touch Heights’ has been launched. It is an educational platform to provide finest learning environment dealing with variety of subjects. In the techno-sauvy stressful age, the blog serves robust tips to cop up with life during crucial and complex moments through the valuable articles that are applicable to all age groups.
The blog is a boon especially for the school students due to interesting quiz feature available for class 6 to 12. It will enhance their knowledge and expend their horizon of thinking and mental ability.
Let’s encourage our children to make their vistas vast by clicking over the ‘play quizzes’ and accessing themselves at the same spot with a certificate that will be generated autonomously.

Address of the site: https://touchheights.com/


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