Centre: Dr. Sheela Puniya (Principal) M.A. (Eng.), B. Ed., M. Phil., Ph.D.
Left to Right: Ms. Sonika Khurana (B.A, B.Ed., NTT); Ms. Bimla (B.A, B.Ed.); Ms. Sangeeta Kaura (B.A, B.Ed.); Ms. Meenu (B.A, B.Ed.); Ms. Reena Chugh (B.Com, N.T.T, JBT, B.Ed.); Ms. Sunita (B.A, D.Ed, Parbhakar, ADV.); Ms. Moni (M.Sc. (IT), MCA); Ms. Rekha Luthra (M.A, B.Ed.); Ms. Gurpreet (M.A, B.Ed.); Ms. Rajni Abbi(B.A, NTT); Ms. Rajni Bala (M.A (Hindi), B. Ed); Ms. Sandeep Kaur (M.Sc. (Geo.), B.Ed.)

Sitting Left to Right: Ms. Aarti (M.A (Hindi, Fine Arts) Diploma in Arts and Craft, B. Ed, N.T.T); Ms. Poonam Sharma (B.A); Ms. Sukhwinder (M.A (Pol. Sci.), B. Ed; Ms. Kiran Sachdeva (B.A, Steno); Ms. Jasdeep (B.Com, M. Com.)


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