Pre Nry. to XII

Date Day Activity
01-04-2022 Friday Namcharcha (pre. Nry. to 12th )
04-04-2022 | 05-04-2022 Monday Display board decoration activity(6th to 8th )
07-04-2022 Thursday World Health Day | 6th to 8th - Slogan writing
13-04-2022 Wednesday Baisakhi dress up , food, speech , dance (2nd , 3rd) Baisakhi celebration with Jallian Wala Bagh Act (6th to 8th )
14-04-2022 Thursday B.R Ambedkar remembrance day (4th - 5th)
16-04-2022 Saturday English activity (6th to 8th ) |(Parliamentary scene showing debate) | Fresher Welcome-cum | Talent hunt
18-04-2022 Monday Maths activity 6th to 8th (in period)
22-04-2022 Thursday S.St activity (states and capitals) (6th to 8th ) Earth Day Field visit (9th to 12th )
23-04-2022 Saturday Costume Party (fun and knowledge) (Nry. to 1st )
4/28/2022 | 4/29/2022 Thursday | Friday competition :- Poem recitation listening skill- show video, audio + ask ques
30-04-2022 Saturday P.T.M
Date Day Activity
02-05-2022 Monday Educational movie Maths queen | Shankuntla Devi (6th to 8th )
07-05-2022 Saturday Hindi activity (Debate, Motivational Drama, Storytelling with props (6th to 8th ), Day out (9th to 12th )
14-05-2022 Saturday Mother’s Day ( 8th), Master chef competition / work shop (9th to 12th )
16-05-2022 to 21-05-2022 Monday to Saturday Table manners + visit to food party ( Nry. to 3rd) visit ti Chhatbir zoo or visit to Hisar (4th - 5th) i) Jindal Tower ii) Buffalo, Horse farm |   Art and Craft week (6th to 8th ) Lippan Art, Coin and clay art, Mandala Art
27-05-2022 Friday Declamation competition Reading competition (Nry. to 5th)| Visit to Kashish (6th to 8th )Table Manner Class
28-05-2022 Saturday PTM
Date Day Activity
23-07-2022 Wednesday G.K Quiz (6th to 8th )
26-07-2022 Tuesday Kargil Vijay Diwas (patriotic movie) (Nry. 5th )
29-07-2022 Friday Science activity (structure of flower, male and female reproductive system, plant and animal cell, binary fission in amoeba) (6th - 8th)
30-07-2022 Saturday Oral (Nry. to 5th)
Date Day Activity
06-08-2022 Saturday Namcharcha (Nry. To 5th)
10-08-2022 Wednesday Conference on NEP
13-08-2022 Saturday Celebration of Birthday of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan,Namcharcha (11th& 12th All streams) Tree plantation
20-08-2022 Saturday Namcharcha (6th to 8th )
26-08-2022 Saturday Namcharcha (9th & 10th)
Date Day Activity
05-09-2022 Monday Teacher’s Day celebration (9th to 12th )
Date Day Activity
01-10-2022 Saturday Gandhi Jayanti (6th to 8th )
04-10-2022 Tuesday World Animal Day (3rd to 5th )
15-10-2022 Saturday Science Exhibition (6th to 12th)
18-10-2022 Tuesday Cartoon character , Our helpers( dressing up and walking on the ramp (1st and 2nd)
19-10-2022 Wednesday Colouring and pasting activity (Pre Nry., U.K.G)
20-10-2022 Thursday Candle, Diya , Kalash decoration (3rd to 5th )
22-10-2022 Saturday Diwali Carnival (6th to 8th)
Date Day Activity
02-11-2022 Wednesday Arts Quiz (12th )
03-11-2022 Thursday Commerce Quiz (12th )
04-11-2022 Friday Science Quiz (12th ) S.St & English Quiz (9th & 10th)
05-11-2022 Saturday Namcharcha (Nry. To 5th ) + Documentary (Guru Purav)
14-11-2022 Monday Children’s Day (outdoor activity) (Nry. to 12th )
12-11-2022 Saturday Namcharcha (6th to 8th)
19-11-2022 Saturday Namcharcha (9th & 10th )
11/21/2022 to 11/26/2022 - Oral Presentation (Nry. to 2nd) Debate on current topics English / Hindi (3rd to 5th ) Subject wise presentation (6th to 8th )
26-11-2022 Saturday Namcharcha (11 & 12th All Streams)
Date Day Activity
03-12-2022 Saturday Farewell (11th & 12th)
23-12-2022 Friday Fill the Christmas Tree Santa Mail Box (1st and 2nd)
24-12-2022 Saturday Kisan Day (4th and 5th )
25-12-2022 Saturday Christmas Function ( 5th)
Date Day Activity
07-01-2023 Saturday Namcharcha (Nry. 5th)
13-01-2023 Friday Namcharcha (6th to 8th)
21-01-2023 Saturday Namcharcha (11th & 12th All Streams)
28-01-2023 Saturday Namcharcha (9th & 10ty)


Board Exam (10th & 12th)


Annual Exam (Nry. To 9th&11th)

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